RJ Manufacturing is a professional wood working company located in Murrieta, California. Our company specializes in store fixtures, store build outs, displays, and other various custom commercial projects.

    The 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant has an on site, indoor lumber yard, advanced machinery and knowledgeable/experienced employees. RJ Manufacturing produces some of the finest and most impressive looking wood products in the industry.

    For over twenty years, RJ Manufacturing has worked with many companies striving to produce the finest quality wood products in a timely manner.  We invest in the industry’s best and most technologically advanced machinery along with experienced and dedicated employees making us one of the leading companies in production woodworking. Our quality products and speed to get things done is what sets us apart from other  production woodworking companies.



Our Mission:

To provide exceptional service and products and invest in new technologies to prepare for the future of manufacturing.

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